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Please Help Erek Last Through The Winter





I’m a queer transgender guy just starting my first year of serious, buckle-down college. Recently, I’ve come up with quite a few expenses beyond my budget, such as fixing my bike wheels and seat (my mode of transportation), fixing my computer (my usual source of income), college textbooks, and the general cost of living. I want to be able to start gender therapy by the end of this year but, with the way things are going, I feel like I’ll never get there. Any help you or people you know can spare would be much appreciated. I’ve created this fundraiser because PayPal wasn’t working for a lot of people and GoFundMe has been sort of problematic and I’m wary of it. Thank you!

My text books cost a total of $634. I’m sorry for asking for help but I don’t know what else to do. Art commissions will be up as soon as I’m not sick, I promise. Please signal boost this if you can’t give!

SIGNAL BOOST! Good luck my friend.

thank you! I got my first $10 donation!

Help a nigga out

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